Arashi no Yoru ni (The Movie) (Review)

What in the world is this? Well this is a animated movie about a wolf and a sheep. Wait such a movie exists? Yes it does and I watched it. This story follows a young sheep’s life and his mother is killed by wolves. Before she was killed she told him to run and don’t stop. He kept running and didn’t stop then years later there is a storm. The sheep seeks shelter in a old barn/house. That’s where we meet Mr. Wolf. Now normally sheep are prey and wolves are the predator, but they spark an unlikely friendship together.

Mr. Wolf has his intentions to eat the sheep, but as time goes along he befriends the sheep. He then no longer has the desire to eat the sheep. Now I won’t go into this movie to much as I have other anime movies and anime to watch. This movie was rather cute, even if it’s target audience are children. You should know I will watch anything that catches my attention.

I give this anime movie a high recommendation. I know some of you probably won’t watch it, but hopefully someone will. As it was really good and it’s different from anything that I have watched. Alright this review is done. Sealed and delivered. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls


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