The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #2)

Time for another review of this anime. I am really interested to see what happens in the second episode. Ready to jump in? Let’s do this!

Haha Sorata has been put in charge of Mashiro in other words Mashiro duty lol. I really like the opening theme it’s really good! Unlike Honey and Clover this one doesn’t scare me haha lol. Omg Sorata is complaining about how hard he had to work to¬†housebreak Mashiro. As Misaki told her that Sorata liked it when she doesn’t wear much clothing. He then has to fix the mess she made and has no time for breakfast. Alright I am dying haha. If you want to know why then watch the anime.

Aoyama has fled the scene. Leaving Sorata and Mashiro behind. Now Mashiro is visiting Sorata in his class. She then tells him that she is going to go home by herself. He then freaks out a little, and causes everyone in his class to think that they are dating. Or at least that is what I am thinking that they are thinking. If that makes sense lol. Mashiro now confronts him and things are getting interesting lol.

Now here we are and it’s a beautiful scene not really lol, but it is hilarious haha. Omg another scene that I am dying with laughter from. So I want to let you guys know that this anime is not for little kiddies. If there are kids in your home do not watch while they are there or awake. I definitely would not let my kids watch this (good thing I don’t have any yet. Maybe someday lol.) and for good reason.

Okay so I am going to end this review here. I am really enjoying this anime and it is hilarious. Although I wouldn’t watch it while kids are around whether they are there and awake. If they are asleep you might be able to get away with it lol. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls, and remember not to watch this anime around kids.


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