It’s a Wednesday.

What’s so good about Wednesday? I am here to bring you death and hollows. Say what? Okay so I started a new thing on my blog called Fairy Tail Friday. I figured I would make Wednesday Bleach Day. Am I doing laundry? No, but I am going to talk about Bleach, and not the stuff you put in the washer.

I know when I did my review on the anime that was going to be the only time I talked about Bleach except on some occasions. Then I decided to do this as I need to get caught up in the manga, because once upon a time I was caught up with the manga. Since then it has dropped off my radar as I don’t always read manga.

As I can be a forgetful person at times and or sometimes I take a break from reading things. So like Fairy Tail Friday I will also being doing Bleach Wednesday’s at least one Wednesday a month. If you like and Bleach and are a huge fan then I will hope that you will be looking forward to this. Or if you have no clue what Bleach is then don’t worry I will be as helpful as I can with that as well. If you were thinking I was going to talk about something well I am going to make you wait till next month. Just kidding I will talk a little about what happens in the first episode.

So we meet Ichigo Kurosaki and he is only 15, and just becoming a freshman in high school. One fateful night he meets Rukia Kuchiki, and he ends up picking up on the hollow before she can. As she had explained things when the hollow was drawing near and nearer to his home. In order to protect his family Rukia asks if he wants the power to save his family. They then introduce one another and she proceeds to stab him. He then gains the powers of a Soul Reaper (or Shinigami) and defeats the hollow, but not without taking all of Rukia’s Soul Reaper powers when she only intended to give him only a little.

The gate is then fully opened and Ichigo’s life will never be the same. Tune in next month on Wednesday to find out what happens next. What will become of our orange haired friend? I am hoping you will watch this anime or read the manga. I can definitely say it’s worth it even if some people say otherwise. Honestly I have to commend Kubo-sensei for doing this manga for 15 years. Like holy moly imagine drawing manga for almost every single day of your life. Anyways I hope to see you next Wednesday. Until my next blog post/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls. Goodbye Halcyon Days.


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