The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #4)

In my last blog I left off at where Sorata was at a crossroads and at the end he decided. What is his answer? Well you know me and I am going to say watch it and find out what he said. I am really liking this anime it’s definitely different from all the other anime’s that I have watched. I know I say that a lot, but it’s true. Often times I seek out anime that catches my attention, and or they are simply oddballs.

They can also be old anime’s to. I like dabbling in any anime that catches my attention. At this point I am sure that I can make a guide to finding good anime. Just kidding. I may watch a lot of anime and I am a writer, but I don’t want to write a guide book lol. So let’s see what happens in episode number 4, shall we? It seems like Sorata is really leaving Sakurasou. Now there are only two cats left, and I am wondering if he will end up staying or leaving? Hmm I am sniffing out a plot twist and I think it’s coming soon.

Mashiro wrote on paper (a Japanese Holiday or something on that line. Where you hang notes that have your wishes written on them, and then you hang them on a bamboo tree. Sorry I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese holidays, festivals, and their festivities.) about Sorata’s wish. He then later realizes what she meant by his wish, as her manager (for the manga) intervenes and shows him. Sorata then runs out of the shop that they were in and hurries back to Sakurasou dorms.

What will happen? You will find out in the next review for this anime. So I hope that you will join me, and then read to find out what happens. Until my next blog/review post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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