The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #8)

In episode 7, and where I left off in my last blog we got to see Aoyama, Mashiro, and Sorata’s sister go out on a date with Sorata. Which Sorata ends up losing Mashiro and his little sister, but later finds them. Now that I am done with the memory refresher let’s get into this anime. So it seems like Sorata has gotten some mail. I wonder what it is? Hmmmm. Well Sorata has gotten some very good news he has passed the first round in a game contest that he entered. He finally decided on his career and so he entered his game that he made into that contest.

Mashiro is now asking about love, but Sorata can see that she doesn’t want to learn about Koi (they are fish). Aoyama then sees that Mashiro has gone into Sorata’s room again, and then he kicks them all out as Misaki decided to pop in. Awww Mashiro has given Sorata a victory charm. That is so incredibly adorable! This little moment was so sweet and it melted my heart! Here comes the big meeting with all kinds of big wigs. Scary. I hope he passes this with flying colors.

Sorata has met his role model the one who inspired him to become a gamer. Hmm it seems like his meeting didn’t go very well. Aww his game didn’t make the cut. I guess everyone in Sakurasou dorms is going to throw Aoyama a welcoming party. Mostly it’s to cheer up Sorata since the meeting did not go well for him. Alright I am going to stop here as I feel it’s a good point to stop at. So come back for the next review of this anime. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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