The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #9)

In my last review of this anime they were throwing Aoyama a welcoming party, and it was also to help cheer up Sorata. It seems like the swimming welcoming party went swimmingly. Omg everyone thought Jin got permission to use the pool, but he didn’t cause they wouldn’t give it to him anyways. So now they are running lol. Alright now let us get into this review for episode 9.

So Sorata has awoken to Mashiro and Misaki drawing on his wall, but not just any drawing it’s Misaki’s anime that she has been holding close to her heart. Now Sorata is late for school. Some of the other students are saying things about Aoyama and Sorata and rumors are spreading. What will they do? Omg Sorata almost got ran over by a hearse on his way home, and then he stepped in an open gutter. On top of that he got scratched by a black cat that just happened to be there.

This is hilarious lol and it’s so funny! Just priceless! I mean poor Sorata for having such bad luck. Looks like someone is visiting the Sakurasou dorms. Very interesting. *smooths beard* Wait, I don’t have a beard lol. I guess I’ll just rub my chin instead haha. The person that came to visit used to know Mashiro. She has come to take Mashiro back to England, but she doesn’t want to go. Since Sorata has helped her out now Mashiro sees him as an enemy and keeps calling him stupid.

So Sorata says that Mashiro should go back to the art world as he has seen one of her paintings. I wonder how things will play out? Anyways I am going to end things here, because this is a good stopping point. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool guys and girls.


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