It is that time of the month and on Wednesday so here comes another Bleach Wednesday. In my last blog post I left off on the first episode. So are you ready for Soul Reapers and Hollows? Okay so in episode two, Ichigo still has his Soul Reaper powers that he gained from Rukia. She then follows him every where until he accepts his role as a Soul Reaper, and to save every soul and person. Even if they are a complete stranger to him.

Yet Ichigo only said that he gained the power to save his family since they were in danger, and were almost going to get eaten by a hollow. Till he stepped in and saved them with the new powers he gained from Rukia. The one thing I like about this series is that when you go, and read the manga. Now the anime sticks like glue to the manga, and its cool to read the manga, and see the panels coming to life in the anime. Later in the episode Rukia meets Orihime.

Okay I am going to admit this she is so annoying and pathetic (I am talking about Orihime not Rukia as I love Rukia lol). I am sorry if some of you like her, but she absolutely drives me up the wall. It’s really rare for me to not like a character, but she is one of the few I can’t stand. Now I love all the other characters in this anime. Just not her I am sorry. One last thing for this Bleach Wednesday until it comes back next month.

Today happens to be my birthday and I don’t if it is coincidental that this happened. As I love Bleach lol if it wasn’t obvious. Or maybe I planned it? Who knows lol and now I am a year older than I was originally. Time sure flies by and now that I am at this age I want to turn back the clock lol. Anyways I will see you next month on Wednesday where I hope you will join me. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls. Goodbye Halcyon Days.


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