Fairy Tail Friday (The Sequel)

It’s that time again and are you ready for this month’s Fairy Tail Friday? Hopefully you are, because the crowd seems very enthusiastic about Fairy Tail Friday. So I just got done watching an episode of Fairy Tail and it features Wendy. I can honestly say she has gotten a lot stronger throughout the series. When we first met her she was sort of weak and timid and shy. Now she has grown into this strong and independent woman before my very eyes. In this episode she faces off against Sherri’s cousin, Sherria.


The battle is quite epic and Wendy nor Sherria are pulling little kid punches in fact they both are pulling out the stops. Who wins and loses? Well if you want that answer then you will have to watch the episode. Although if you are new to the Fairy Tail world then it’s best you start at episode one. Trust me it’s worth the time to watch this anime. Before we had Wendy’s and Sherria’s fight. Well our Fairy Tail friends had a little showdown with Raven Tail.


Which I also have more info on them to but if you want answers then watch the show. I am aware that I am a tease and meanie. Honestly I don’t like spilling the beans and ruining something for someone. So either watch the show or look the answers up yourself lol. Alright guys that is it for this Fairy Tail Friday. Hopefully you will have some fire in your belly for the next Fairy Tail Friday. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls and keep that fire in your belly, and get fired up for next month’s Fairy Tail Friday.


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