The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #13)

In the last review the gang was on their way to stop Mashiro from going back to Europe (or England). We are at a scene where Sorata is hugging Mashiro and it has finally happened. I have been waiting for this. Okay so let’s get into this new episode review I have for you guys. I am hoping that my blog post haven’t been getting to boring lately. I am really trying to my best so if you have advice then please don’t be afraid to tell me. Back onto the topic at hand.

I think Mashiro has fallen in love with Sorata and things are about to get interesting. Well a lot of things are happening in this anime today. Mashiro wants to learn to cook for Sorata, and ends up cutting her finger. Then Sorata meets up with her editor, and then he also get’s news about his new game. Which isn’t good at all. He then sees Mashiro in her cooking outfit and gets angry. So now there is some drama going on.

Seems like the drama won’t be resolved until the next episode. So make sure to come back for the next review. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends.


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