Sword Art Online (Season 1) (Review)

In light of the new SAO movie that is coming out which I am looking forward to if I might add. Some of you are probably curious if I have seen this anime. The answer to this question is yes I have. If I can remember right I think I got into it when it was first coming out, but then watched a different anime. As the episodes were still being released, but then I watched them as they came out.

I still remain a huge fan of this anime as I have a foam sword replica of Kirito’s Dual Wield swords. Well at least one of them I do as my best friend has the other one. I have Elucidator and they have Dark Repulsor. I can’t thank my best friend enough for the sword they have given me. I really loved this anime and just everything about it including the characters.

In the beginning we meet Kazuto Kirigaya, but his nickname is Kirito. He then enters a game called Sword Art Online. Which has become so popular that everyone wants to play it. Little do people know that when they entered the game they would become trapped. This is where reality hits some pavement. If someone were to die in the game they would die in real life. Now this is where everyone goes into a panic, and the only way out is to beat the game.

Eventually he meets Asuna and helps her out. Then they part ways and after that they keep running into each other as he is a solo player. Before the game is set to end they get married in game, and when they beat the game. They make a promise to find each other, and after so many years of being held captive in the game Kirito is released. Although not exactly in the condition that he left his body as he is emaciated and is in the hospital.

He keeps his promise and finds Asuna, but she has yet to awaken. Kirito then finds out why she hasn’t awaken, and seeks to free her. Now if you want to know the rest then watch the anime. I give this anime a high recommendation, and if you love video games then there is a chance that you will like this.

Also there is romance and a villain or is one as far as everyone thinks he is. As he is the one that trapped them all in the game for so many years. So go and watch this anime, but only when you have the time or get a chance.If you want more information on Sword Art Online: The Movie, Ordinal Scale. They do have a official website here, Sword Art Online: The Movie, Ordinal Scale. The movie will be released this February on the 18th so be sure to check out your local theaters.

So you can see if they are showing it, and if your a fan be sure to go and watch it. As the trailers looked amazing, and I am hoping that they will release here in the U.S (it will be released here in the U.S on March 9th, 2017). I can’t wait! Definitely going to get tickets to go and see this. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends.


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