Soul Eater (Review)

This anime was the 2nd Most Popular anime in Spring 2008 when it first aired. I didn’t find this show until 2011 or 2012. I know that it was somewhere in that time frame, because after I watched it they re-mastered it. I don’t remember the exact date lol ^^;. In the first episode we meet Maka Albarn, and her Demon Scythe partner Soul Evans. We also get introduced to Death City, and its famous academy, DWMA. Where Soul and Maka met and became partners. In the next episode we are then introduced to Black Star.

Who has the ego of one-thousand men and a very hot head. His partner is Tsubaki which she is the complete opposite of Black Star, and so I wonder how that partnership actually even works at all. Now we get to meet our last character of this group, and his name it Death The Kid. Which he happens to be Lord Death’s son, and which that makes him a Shinigami like his father. Lord Death also oversees DWMA which many flock to so then they can train to be Meisters or Weapons.

Now Kid is very compulsive and when something is not symmetrically sound. Well he goes crazy and tries to fix it or destroys it. As that is the case that happened on one of his mission which led to the destruction of Pyramid Anubis. It was his fault for being reckless. This anime has so many adventures that everyone can go and have fun. It also has some very decent and funny jokes. Which I hope they make you laugh till you cry.

My final verdict of this anime is that it gets a high recommendation, and not because it 2nd Most Poplular in Spring 2008. I just really enjoyed this anime a lot, and loved all the adventures that I got to go on. Well I am going to wrap things up now so then I can look for more anime lol. Yes I need more anime, don’t we all? Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


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