The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Review)

So The Devil is a Part-Timer, huh? I found this anime very amusing and there wasn’t one moment that I wasn’t laughing. In the first episode we get to see a really cool fight scene, and it’s almost medieval like. That was one thing cool, and then a knight forces Satan (King of all Demons) to flee into another dimension. Then that is were he becomes practically useless and powerless. He then takes on the name Sadao, Maou, and one other person that came with him. His right hand and then adopts a name which is Ashiya, Shirou.

The two then end up getting a small apartment together, and they are also trying to find ways to get their powers back. Now in order to pay for the apartment, you need a job right? Maou ends up getting a job at MgRonald’s (or McDonald’s which it was parody into MgRonald’s) and I found that rather hilarious lol. Little do they know that their enemy has followed them into this world.

She to has adopted a name, and it’s Yusa, Emi. One night she runs into Maou. Before he can say anything she knows that he is Satan. Later they are caught fighting and then they get arrested for causing a scene. Which that part was quite funny lol. This anime first aired in 2013 and later I watched it in 2014, and I can’t remember if it was the subbed or dubbed first. I really enjoyed every minute of this anime, and there are a lot of things cool about it.

If you haven’t watched it yet then quit reading this, and drop everything and watch it. I am hoping that you will get as many laughs as I did out of this anime. Well I am going to wrap things up here. My final verdict is that this anime gets a high recommendation from me, and that’s because it was worth every second of my time. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


2 thoughts on “The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Review)

  1. I found this realy funny as well and I usually don’t much like comedy. There was just something inherently funny about the situation the characters found themselves in and the ways they chose to deal with living in the ‘real’ world.

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