The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #17)

So today happens to be Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t have planned this any better than I possibly could. In the last episode we had Sorata’s sister ask who was it going to be. Mashiro or Aoyama? Which that was a message from their father as that is what she said when going to her exams. Now that we are here, what will happen in episode 17? Let us get on with the show.

Aoyama just confessed to Sorata, how will he react? Although I think that he is in love with Mashiro though. Awww I am thinking Sorata is finally getting the picture now, and hopefully he feels bad for not being there for Mashiro. Omg! Mashiro just asked Sorata to hold his hand, and he also liked the chocolates he got from her to. I am going to faint from so much excitement!

This is the most romantic anime that I have ever seen and I am so happy that I found this anime. It’s really making my heart melt like crazy! I might just die lol not really haha, but I could. Well that is all for this episode, and so I am going to wrap things up here. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends.

(P.S. I hope all you have an amazing Valentine’s Day, and spend it with the ones you love. As we only have so many chances to tell them that you love them. Hope everyone also has that special someone. Au Revoir)



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