The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #19)

In the last episode we got to see Jin and Misaki’s engagement which was very beautiful. It really melted my heart! Now I am much looking forward to this episode that I am going to watch today. As I am eager and ready to go and watch this episode let’s get into it. Oh no Sakurasou is going to be demolished. That is not a good sign, but it is a plot twist that much I can say. Hmm I wonder what will become of this new development.

Sorata is having a flashback to when he was first sent to Sakurasou, as he had planned to move back when he found the cat he picked up a home. Yet he never did and now that Sakurasou is getting demolished. Everyone in that dorm is sad and don’t want to leave it to get demolished. As they like it there. Sorata’s flashback to when he was meeting everyone for the first time it’s quite funny.

He went out to the park and now he sees a cat. So Sorata is going to pick up yet another cat haha. Well everyone is going to try and save Sakurasou so they are going to stop it from getting demolished. As it is home to all that live there. Alright I am going to wrap things up here. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends. Anyways until then Au Revoir for now.


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