The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #20)

In the last episode everyone that lives at Sakurasou has gotten news that the dorms are going to get demolished. No one wants to give them a good reason as to why it’s getting demolished. So now that we had a little recap let’s get into episode 20. Wow I can’t believe that after I watch this episode. I will only have a few more to go until I am done with this series. Now I am sad. Anyways let’s get back to it now.

So Aoyama got her results back and she didn’t make it so that means that she is going home. I wonder what will happen next? Please let it not be anything to bad. Omg it looks like Sakurasou might just get saved after all. Also it’s a little hard to see Aoyama pushing herself so hard. Even after the news that she got. If I were in her shows I would be heartbroken. So I feel for her, but I still ship Mashiro and Sorata together lol.

Ryuunosuke has also helped out everyone also as he finally found friends that won’t leave him, and they also won’t betray them. Well I am going to wrap things up now, because that was the end of that episode. So be sure to come back for the next review. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends. Anyways, Au Revoir for now.


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