The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #21)

In the last episode Ryuunosuke and everyone finally came together so then they can save Sakurasou from being demolished. So let us get into episode 21. Well it looks like everyone’s time at Sakurasou is coming to an end. I wonder what will happen. Will Mashiro move away? What will happen? Aoyama all of a sudden just started crying in the middle of class. So Sorata told the teacher that she wasn’t feeling well and took her to the nurses office.

I think Sorata has officially broke. Now Aoyama has finally cracked or so I think. I’m not to sure yet. She is standing in the rain by a tree and is crying. Well now they are both crying in the rain, because of all the hard work they did. Mashiro is watching all of this. I want to know what is going through her mind right now. Aoyama is saying that she is ugly after all that crying, but then Sorata tells her that she is rather cute.

Well that is not good at all. This looks very bad. Sorata broke and said somethings. Then she said it was because that she was there. Alright I am going to wrap things up here, and so make sure to come back for the next review. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends. Au Revoir for now.


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