The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Review #22) (Final)

In the last episode some things went down and Mashiro is blaming herself as the reason Sakurasou is going to be demolished. In the end Misaki delivers a speech that saves Sakurasou from getting destroyed. Then they all get kicked out and have to stand outside. Which that was pretty funny, and then Misaki and Jin graduate and go their seperate ways until he comes back in 4 years. He then gives the marriage license back to Misaki signed.

You know her she couldn’t wait and so now Misaki and Jin are officially married and are living next door to the Sakurasou dorms. Also Sakurasou gained two new members, and just like how Sorata was scared out of his mind when he first came. The time when he met everyone. The guy who is taking the empty room in the boys section literally almost dies, because he got so scared. When he was meeting Sorata and Dragon (his name is hard to remember and also to spell, but luckily he has a nickname.). So Sorata is holding a knife that has fish blood on it.

He also got Aoyama’s help with doing some voice acting on his game. So now it sounds like someone is getting murdered. The guy is totally freaked and runs outside and meets Dragon. Who just happens to be cutting the grass so he has a scythe in his hand. Scaring the guy even more then he already was. Then he ends up meeting Mashiro, and she proceeds to tell him to take off his clothes. So then she can paint him in the painting. I have to admit that part was pretty hilarious lol. Well the girl just sat there and stared.

As I watched all the episodes this is my final review for this series. I really enjoyed this anime a lot and I am so glad that I decided to watch it. There were so many jokes that gave me a good laugh. Sometimes to the point of where I was almost dying. Then it also had it’s romantic moments that just melted my heart, and got me excited.

As this anime was simply amazing and loved every second and minute of it. I give this anime a high recommendation, as it also has it’s dramatic moments. In this anime there are 24 episodes, and I highly recommend that you watch it when you can. So I will wrap things up here. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


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