Arms Alchemy (Review)

You would probably know it by Busou Renkin. This anime first aired in 2006 and went on till 2007 when it ended. How in the world did I find this anime? So one time I was in this store and there happened to be some old Shounen Jump Magazines for sale. I purchased them and read through them. I happened to find the manga to this anime, and so I fell in love with the story.

That’s where this leads us to now as I am doing a review for it (the anime). Now we meet Kazuki Muro, and one night he jumps in to save this girl. At that point he dies, and thinking that he was saving a girl that was in distress. Tokiko the girl who he thought was in distress later saves his life. She puts a Kakugane in his heart which is the only other successful work of alchemy.

So then our friend, Kazuki comes back to life. He thinks that him dying and everything else that happened was just a dream. Eventually he joins Tokiko in her mission to exterminate the creatures, which he was trying to save her from. Those creatures are called Homunculus, and they were created by a certain person. Which Kazuki and Tokiko have to stop the person from making more Homunculus.

Well I am going to now wrap things up. Now you have read a review on an anime that I found the manga of as a child. My final verdict is that this anime gets a high recommendation from me. So what are you waiting for go and watch it! Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


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