Megami Kouhosei (or Pilot Candidate) (Review)

Now this anime is a little old, and with it being released in 2000 (Japan). Eventually being released here in 2002 (USA). I was really young when this anime was released here in the U.S. Yet I don’t really remember watching this anime on the TV, and or at least not that I can remember of lol. The episodes are about half an hour long, and even if this anime is a little old. It’s quite interesting to say the least, and I haven’t seen this anime in quite some time.

I think it has been a few years since I last saw it for the first time. So it’s been awhile, but I will try to remember what I can. So the name of the mecha’s they use are called Ingrids (or Goddess)  and one of our character’s name is, Zero (Candidate 88). I don’t think they even use real names. So he falls into a cockpit of a Goddess named, Eeva-Leena, and before he passes out he makes a full sync with it.

He tries to find out more information, but then he training begins and so he can’t learn anymore. I found this anime to be really good, and yes it’s old. So I don’t know if I will watch it again or not. Yet it still gets a high recommendation from me, and if your looking for an old yet good anime. Well then you should try this anime on for size. Until next time keep reading manga, and also keep watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends.


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