Noragami (Review)

This anime made me laugh on several occasions. Our main character is named, Yato. Well, he is a minor deity and he has no shrines nor a yen to his name. Yato then scrawls his phone number on a bathroom wall. He said he’ll help anyone in exchange for a 5-yen offering. Which at that point he becomes a delivery god.

I think I watched this in the summer of 2015 and finished it and awaited the second season. Or at least I was hoping that they would make one, and they did which I have yet to watch. Been a bit busy lol ^^; there are a lot of anime’s that I need to catch up on. So this anime came out in 2014 as you know I didn’t watch it till 2015. I think I either watched the dubbed or subbed, can’t remember lol.

Although I might have watched it when this show first came out just don’t remember haha. I’m getting too old, apparently. Anyways I really liked this anime and it was quite good and hopefully, the second season is as good as the first, and or at least better. So this anime gets a high recommendation from me. As it was really good and I think you should give it a try.

Who knows, you might just like. If you do end up liking it then you can watch the second season which is out now in subbed and I think it’s also dubbed. You’d have to look into that one lol. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


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