Ao no Exorcist (or Blue Exorcist) (Review)

In light of the second season being released this year. This anime was released in 2011 so it’s been 6 years since it’s release. Finally, a second season has come the one that I have been waiting for. So yes I did watch this anime a few years back and loved every second of this anime. The jokes were good and funny and all the characters are unique and different. Especially since we have one character who is literally the son of Satan himself.

The action and fighting scenes were pretty good as well. Honestly, it was a little cool to see Rin loose his composure and show the other students his secret that he was supposed to keep. Some of them actually want to kill Satan because of what he did to their families etc. While Rin is actually his son, but we also can’t forget his little brother either who is also a son of Satan.

This is a good anime to get into if you are just starting because it’s so well known and it’s pretty good. I recommend this anime to anyone as I really enjoyed this anime and I want to watch the second season so badly! Yet I am waiting for it get further along before watching it same with some other animes.

Anyways this anime is really good and you should watch it if you haven’t already when you have the time. As it’s worth the watch and not to mention funny in the right moments. Well I am going to wrap things up now so go and watch this anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now. Until next time.


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