Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock (Movie)

After conquering the galaxy, mankind has reached its apex and is now on a steady decline. The resources of the universe are diminishing, and around 500 billion humans begin to return home to Earth. Thus begins a war between the various factions of humans for control of the planet. Eventually, an authoritarian government known as the Gaia Sanction prevents the repopulation of Earth.

Captain Harlock was one of the Elite Wing who was tasked by the Gaia Sanction to defend the Earth. His fleet of ships was unstoppable under his command. However, the Gaia Sanction allows a diplomatic elite to immigrate to Earth, which angers Harlock. He goes rogue and fires upon the diplomats and the rest of his fleet. He decides to unleash dark matter on the planet to make it uninhabitable but also becomes engulfed in it which immortalizes him.

One hundred years have passed, and the legendary Captain Harlock is still at large, with only the Arcadia under his control. The Gaia Sanction continues with their plans for control over the Earth while hiding its true state. But Captain Harlock is preparing for one final showdown with them, which will determine the fate of the world!

(From My Anime List)

So when I first watched this anime movie I did not know that there had been an anime of this. The original anime was released in 1978 and went until 1979. Now when this anime was released I wasn’t even born yet nor even thought of at that time. I will not be watching the original anime due to it being from the 70’s. Sorry, I don’t watch anything later than the 2000’s although there is some good 90’s anime’s but I can’t handle the graphics.

The movie version of this anime came out in 2013. I really loved the movie version of this anime, because it has a Final Fantasy feel to it. If you don’t know what that is it’s a game that I really love and a huge fan of. That’s probably what drew me to watch it in the first place. Other than that this is a really good anime movie to watch when you have the time.

You can find it on Netflix and probably other places as well so go and watch it. I give this anime a high recommendation, hope you all will watch this anime when you have the time. So until next time keep reading manga and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now.


2 thoughts on “Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock (Movie)

  1. This movie was awesome….the graphics were simply amazing, and I thought the story was pretty cool as well. I did see the original anime a long time ago, can’t remember much about it, but I remember it being very cool 😊Great post!

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    1. I know that’s what made me fall in love with this anime movie. Also since the graphics are close to Final Fantasy (game) I fell in more in love with this anime movie. I only wish that all anime’s were like this cause then I’d probably be watching 24/7 lol

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