Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Review #10)

I am so glad that you are here. Today is another day for a episode review of this series and I am glad that you joined me. Well lets get to it, shall we? So Mika and the Gundam got left behind as it needs work and to be repaired so he will be catching up with them later. This might end up being another laid back episode.

Although I am not settling on that just quite yet. Aww some of our guys are getting messages from loved ones. That’s really sweet and adorable, just had to add on the love syrup didn’t you directors. Well we have run into the young lady that happened to help Orga when he was sick.

So we get to hear Atra’s backstory and how Mika saved her and get to see a moment between her and Aina. Well we are getting some more backstory’s on the characters and some of them want to make me cry. I have the feels now. Perfect. Just hope no dies in this episode at least not yet.

Hopefully they can hold until Mika get’s there so he can help them and or save them in time. There is a fight scene in progress and who will win I am not sure yet. Mika has saved the day as he got there just in time to save the guys.

This episode was laid back but it shared a lot of the characters history and where they came from. We still need to know Orga and Mika’s story. Which I am sure that will come in time and I just have to be patient. Alright so that was it for this episode so be sure to come back for the next one. Until next keep reading manga and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends, and au revoir for now.



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