Bartender (Anime) (Review #1)

Decided to do something a little different than Gundam. I found this anime awhile back and it got put on my to watch list. Which I am sure it’s now famous and notorious for being long. Well this anime got put on the back burner as I watched a different anime. So, without a ado here is Bartender.

Summary of this anime
Genius bartender, Sasakura Ryuu makes the most incredible cocktails anyone has ever tasted. Seeking his “Glass of God”, individuals from all different walks of life visit his bar. With both a compassionate ear and a godly drink, Ryuu helps people with their problems.

(Source: ANN)

This anime first aired in 2006 so be prepared as this anime is old. Yet I still want to watch it and see if I like it or not. Let’s get started!

The opening of this anime is rather interesting and I rather like it. This anime really likes to take things to the boozey side of life. I guess the more alcoholic one can drink will lift their spirits in ways unknown. So we have a guy who despises bars and is disrespectful to Bartenders. Interesting.

Well, that is all for this episode and if you want to see more reviews of this anime then comment below. That is all for today and hopefully you have a good day/night where ever you may be at. Until next time keep reading manga and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends, and au revoir for now.


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