Fairy Tail Friday Once Again

Here come the Dragon Slayers and fireworks. I watched a major battle go down between Lucy and Minerva, and man was it explosive. After what happened Erza made it clear that Saber Tooth had just made an enemy of Fairy Tail. After the brutality Minerva had shown to Lucy. Honestly the last thing you want to do is make Fairy Tail angry at you for abusing one of their family members.


So I am sure at this point Saber Tooth and Minerva is going to have some hell to pay. Knowing Fairy Tail they are going to get what is owed to them ten times over. Before I re read the chapter I had remember Lucy being in the infirmary.

I couldn’t exactly remember how she ended up there. Funny thing was that this was the chapter where I got my memory refreshed. Couldn’t have planned it better myself if I say so. After Saber Tooth basically declared war on Fairy Tail we had our first round matches.

After what I saw with Ichiya my eyes are literally on fire and I want to throw some acid in them. I know that he is mainly there for comedic relief, but he is one character that Mashima-sensei has taken to extremes. Quite literally. Alright that is all for this Fairy Tail Friday, and hopefully you will join me next month for another. Until my next blog keep reading manga, and watching anime. Get fired up guys and girls and stay cool.















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