Doggy Poo (The Anime)

I bet you are wondering if this a joke, and or if this is a real anime. First this is not a joke and second this a legit anime. Now I am not going to watch it, because I simply already have way to many animes and anime movies on my plate as it is. When I saw this I was like why? Then I proceeded to laugh my butt off, because yes it’s funny that there is an anime like this. I had thought I’d seen everything in the anime world. Well apparently not, because this one was under my radar and nose. Oh boy does it stink!

I am not going to touch as I am afraid I will puke up my dinner and everything else. So Doggy Poo gets left behind by his dog. He then starts to wonder why and what his purpose it. Along the way he meets a beautiful dandelion and then asks them the same ones he asked himself. At the end I am sure that he finds those answers.

So umm you guys can watch this or skip it’s up to you. I just wanted to mention this, because this is something that you don’t see. At least not everyday unless you go to your local dog park. If you have one nearby that is. I will leave things here. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls and watch out for that dog pop.


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