Fairy Tail Friday Version 2.0

It’s that time again! So get all fired up, because here is the monthly Fairy Tail update. Our Fairy Tail friends had to combine there teams. As Raven Tail was disqualified for having their Master participate in The Grand Magic Games. Fairy Tail then combines and becomes the ultimate team from the Fairy Tail guild.

A little before this took place Natsu crashed the Saber Tooth hotel, and not without taking out some members. Natsu only backs down, because Minerva has captured Happy. Then Pandemonium happens and each wizard is able to challenge as many monster as they want. There are exactly 100 monsters. Erza then challenges all 100 and defeats them all. Simply, because she is a bad@$# and I feel as though she knows it.

After Fairy Tail combines their teams they then get to number one on the score board and are a head of Saber Tooth. Which they don’t take to well and since Rogue and Sting were defeated by Natsu. The Master of Saber Tooth is not happy, and then Lector steps in and shows them his Saber Tooth guild mark. He then thinks this is ridiculous and proceeds to kill Lector.

Sting is then angry, because of what he had just done to Lector. He then takes down the master with one blow. Well I am ending Fairy Tail Friday here. So if you want to know what happens after this join me next month to find out. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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