The King’s Avatar (Review #6)

Last time we left off with Xiu and a group trying to beat the record of Frost Forest. Will they succeed in beating that record in today’s episode? Well let’s find out.

So they beat the Frost Forest’s Dungeon record only to have it beaten by his former team. Xiu’s former subordinate is playing as a newbie and befriending Xiu and his gang. Hateful Sword (Xiu’s former subordinate and team mate) has a duel tonight and is getting beat.

I wonder what else is to come in this episode things are getting interesting. My guess is that Xiu is luring Hateful Sword into falling onto his own sword. Then swooping in and handing his butt to him. This is just a guess after all but I think I might be right. We’ll just have to see won’t we if I am right or wrong.

Xiu had seen through Hateful deception and he used the same strategy that Xiu had taught him. After finding this out Xiu knew it was his former team mate and proceeded to rub salt in his former teammate’s wounds. I am curious to see what happens in the next episode, but I will be watching it tomorrow.

What I had guessed was right and as Hateful Sword went on to battle and got his butt handed to him in that match. Now they are working on trying to beat another dungeon record. Which I am sure they will end up beating and so that is all for this episode. Be sure to come back for the next one. Remember my friends to stay cool and keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now and till next time.


A Tribute To Adam West

I was very saddened to hear that Adam West passed away. I was born in the 90’s and in the early 2000’s I can remember watching the old 60’s show of Batman. It was on Boomerang (before it got changed to what it is now) and I think it was on another channel as well. I know this isn’t anime related but there are Batman shows that are animated so it’s kinda the same lol.

Just made in different countries, and yes I still love my anime. Adam West was one of my favorite actors who played as The Dark Knight other than Christian Bale. Sorry Ben Affleck you did not make my favorite list of people who have played Batman so far. Adam was a legend and a hero to me and made me love Batman.

Even though he can be well ahem we won’t go there, but I have always loved DC Comics in general. I like somethings of Marvel but before it was Disneyfied yes I like Disney but more of the classics and older stuff. Back on topic. Adam West was a actor who played as The Bat so well he made the character come to life and fly right out of the comic books. You will be sorely and truly missed and to me you will always be the first actor who I watched play as Batman.

RIP Adam West (June 9th, 2017)

The King’s Avatar (Review #5)

Want to apologize for this review being late I was waiting for it to be updated some more. Also I have been working on college work and not to mention my novel. Really excited for my novel as something that I have written has taken a life of it’s own. Enough about me and my novel let’s get into this episode.

Last time it seems like there is a new and bigger enemy on the horizons. I am going to guess that it’s Xiu’s old and former team. It’s just a guess and a hunch, well without ado here is the episode.

The one thing I don’t like about this anime is the subtitles. If you don’t pay attention well enough you can end up missing a lot of details. So, if you look away for just a second chances are that you are going to miss something important. Even if it’s just a small detail it may give a hint to what is to come in the next episodes.

That was a good episode and Xiu had a run in with his old team and I saw it coming and knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Now they are trying to beat the record of 13 minutes of the Frost Forest Dungeon. Will they succeed and beat the record and make a new record? We’ll have to find out in the next episode, so my friend stay cool and don’t forget to watch anime and keep reading that manga. Au revoir for now till next time.

The King’s Avatar (Review #4)

Welcome to my 4th review of this anime I have been wanting to watch the next episode. So, let us begin, Link Start! Whoops wrong anime sorry about that.

Last time our main character made a new rival, will she strive to beat him and win? Whoa bring on the guns baby cause here comes really big fireworks from a world boss no less. Oh hello blood thank you Xiu for enraging the world boss. Also hello zombies well this was something I wasn’t expecting from this anime.

Well that is a nice little surprise and I must admit that the zombies are actually pretty cool. Boy are they angry and hungry looks like we are going to see a good and cool fight. That was a good episode and seems like Xiu has some competition and it might be the old team he worked and then retired from.

I can not wait to watch more of this anime, but I have hit my limit for now so be sure to come back for the next review. I wonder how things will play out in this anime, hmm I am very curious and interested in knowing. Anyways until next time remember my friends to stay cool. Keep reading that manga and watching anime and au revoir for now. Till next time.

Dragon Drive (A Review)

A little about this anime,

If there’s one word to describe Reiji Ozora, it would be “quitter.” He can never find the motivation to finish anything, and loses interest at the drop of a hat. This all changes when his best friend Maiko introduces him to the new game “Dragon Drive.”

In this virtual reality game, each player is assigned a dragon tailored to match their personality and strength. Reiji hopes for a big, strong, scary beast, but instead, he is stuck with Chibi, a cute, friendly-looking dragon smaller than he is. How disappointing—except it turns out that Chibi is the rarest dragon of them all!

Reiji finally discovers something he can remain interested in, and works hard to train both himself and his newfound friend. Soon this training will be put to use to save the world, for there are people who have dark aspirations for Dragon Drive!


I started watching this anime awhile ago and haven’t got back into yet as of late, but I will eventually. This anime first aired in 2002 and it’s last episode was in 2003. So, yes this anime is a little old I will admit that much. Most of you guys know me for watching old anime’s and maybe some of you think it’s weird or crazy.

Also some of you know how I like to watch anime’s that are weird and or they aren’t well known to people. Yet I like watching old definitely get to see how far anime has really come along in the last few decades. I actually really liked this anime and I only wish people would give it better reviews. When this anime was made they could only work with what they have same thing with manga.

You can only work with what you have and let me tell you it’s not easy and if you think how much people go through just to get a anime or manga done. Well it’s a lot and that’s why I think anime is a work of art and not to mention manga also being an art. I will leave things here, so remember my friends to stay cool and au revoir for now. Till next time.

My 200th Post on This Blog.

For my 200th post I have decided to do something special and so here is a fanfic I came up with on the spot. So, I hope there are some FT (Fairy Tail fans out there and will love this every single moment of it.)

One fatal Friday morning Lucy awoke to someone yelling and making some commotion outside on the street of her apartment. She yawned and looked out the window, she grimaced as the person causing all the commotion and yelling was no other than Natsu. He was the only person who caused her some trouble, but she smiled. It made Lucy happy to be able to go on so many adventures with him and Happy and also helped to make her book more interesting.

Lucy took a shower and was ready to put some clothes on when she a shadow moving beneath her door. She hurriedly put her clothes and went to the living room to find Natsu and Happy sitting in her living room.

“Don’t you pervs have anywhere else to be?!” she screamed at them.

“Nope and we figured you’d need another job so you can pay rent.” He said

“Aye!” said Happy who had found an old and dust bunny covered lollipop and pursued to eat it.

After getting all ready Natsu and Lucy, also can’t forget about Happy set out on another adventure.

“Why do you have to be so mean!” Happy said as he ran away crying. Well I am sorry Happy that I almost forgot to mention you.

To be continued…..

Hope you enjoyed the small fanfic and I will probably make the second part in another post. Maybe it will show up in Fairy Tail Friday, who knows? This has been my 200th post now here is to 100 more. I want to thank all of you who follow me and were patient with me and my busy schedule. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alright remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now. Till next time.

The King’s Avatar (Review #3)

I had some free time on my hands so I decided to watch episode three, and so last time we left off with our main character wanting some rare items. Also his retirement was announced and moved everyone and some people were even crying. Well let us get into this episode so then I can find out what happens.

Things are getting rather interesting as our main character is showing more of his move’s off in the heat of battle. The people from Blue Brook are shocked and blown away by what he can do. They also just beat the speed record of the Frost Forest Quest.

Well our main character has made a new rival who is going to work hard to beat him one day. Will she defy all odds and actually win and defeat him? At this rate I am going to literally eat this anime for breakfast for a week because I am really loving it. The story is good and graphics are also really good.

Really happy that I decided to watch this anime and it’s funny to think that I picked it out randomly out of so many other animes. Well be sure to come back for the next review in this series. Until then remember to stay cool my friends and au revoir for now. Till next time.