The King’s Avatar (Review #2)

Currently on a road trip and I love that I have unlimited data so I can watch anime. Last time we left off our main character, he confronted another character about how he wanted all the loot for himself.

Then our main character said he’d prefer it all because of what this other character did to other players. Well let’s get to watching shall we? I am liking the opening definitely different from Japanese anime. As someone who has watched a lot of subbed Japanese anime, I could tell right off the bat that this wasn’t a Japanese anime.

Also I figured it was Chinese made as the name wasn’t any indicator. Here come the creepy crawlers. I hate spiders and right after that I hate poisonous snake yet weirdly I like and don’t mind corn snakes. When our main character battled a hidden boss he used a move that reminded me all to much of S.A.O.

At the end of this episode our main character’s retirement was announced but he is still playing Glory. It seems a lot of people were affected as a result of his retirement. Now I am more eager to watch the next episode, but till then stay cool my friends and au revoir for now. Till next time.