The King’s Avatar (Review #4)

Welcome to my 4th review of this anime I have been wanting to watch the next episode. So, let us begin, Link Start! Whoops wrong anime sorry about that.

Last time our main character made a new rival, will she strive to beat him and win? Whoa bring on the guns baby cause here comes really big fireworks from a world boss no less. Oh hello blood thank you Xiu for enraging the world boss. Also hello zombies well this was something I wasn’t expecting from this anime.

Well that is a nice little surprise and I must admit that the zombies are actually pretty cool. Boy are they angry and hungry looks like we are going to see a good and cool fight. That was a good episode and seems like Xiu has some competition and it might be the old team he worked and then retired from.

I can not wait to watch more of this anime, but I have hit my limit for now so be sure to come back for the next review. I wonder how things will play out in this anime, hmm I am very curious and interested in knowing. Anyways until next time remember my friends to stay cool. Keep reading that manga and watching anime and au revoir for now. Till next time.


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