A Tribute To Adam West

I was very saddened to hear that Adam West passed away. I was born in the 90’s and in the early 2000’s I can remember watching the old 60’s show of Batman. It was on Boomerang (before it got changed to what it is now) and I think it was on another channel as well. I know this isn’t anime related but there are Batman shows that are animated so it’s kinda the same lol.

Just made in different countries, and yes I still love my anime. Adam West was one of my favorite actors who played as The Dark Knight other than Christian Bale. Sorry Ben Affleck you did not make my favorite list of people who have played Batman so far. Adam was a legend and a hero to me and made me love Batman.

Even though he can be well ahem we won’t go there, but I have always loved DC Comics in general. I like somethings of Marvel but before it was Disneyfied yes I like Disney but more of the classics and older stuff. Back on topic. Adam West was a actor who played as The Bat so well he made the character come to life and fly right out of the comic books. You will be sorely and truly missed and to me you will always be the first actor who I watched play as Batman.

RIP Adam West (June 9th, 2017)


2 thoughts on “A Tribute To Adam West

  1. Hold on; “KA-POW”, “BAM”. Even I enjoyed the 60′ Batman tv series whilst growing up in the 90′. The comical over tone of the series had its charm. Boo Affleck ruins any superhero he touches…first DD now the bats.

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    1. It was so good and I have to agree with you and I think they should bring it back I would actually start watching regular TV again lol. Exactly! I watched the Batman vs. Superman and it wasn’t even that good. Only thing DC related show I watch is Arrow. Okay I am a huge fan lol and if you watch it you can see a lot of Batman in that show. I love the older Batman shows and movies because that’s when it was good. Other than seeing Arnold play Mr. Freeze. Although I admit it wasn’t that bad could of been better but I still liked it. Also I love the original Superman movies, Man of Steel wasn’t to bad but I’d rather watch the older stuff. Of course some of the older stuff is cheesier but I think that’s what makes it work. Lol I can talk all day about DC and some of the older stuff. Thank you for sharing I really liked your comment and what you had to say ^^

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