The King’s Avatar (Review #6)

Last time we left off with Xiu and a group trying to beat the record of Frost Forest. Will they succeed in beating that record in today’s episode? Well let’s find out.

So they beat the Frost Forest’s Dungeon record only to have it beaten by his former team. Xiu’s former subordinate is playing as a newbie and befriending Xiu and his gang. Hateful Sword (Xiu’s former subordinate and team mate) has a duel tonight and is getting beat.

I wonder what else is to come in this episode things are getting interesting. My guess is that Xiu is luring Hateful Sword into falling onto his own sword. Then swooping in and handing his butt to him. This is just a guess after all but I think I might be right. We’ll just have to see won’t we if I am right or wrong.

Xiu had seen through Hateful deception and he used the same strategy that Xiu had taught him. After finding this out Xiu knew it was his former team mate and proceeded to rub salt in his former teammate’s wounds. I am curious to see what happens in the next episode, but I will be watching it tomorrow.

What I had guessed was right and as Hateful Sword went on to battle and got his butt handed to him in that match. Now they are working on trying to beat another dungeon record. Which I am sure they will end up beating and so that is all for this episode. Be sure to come back for the next one. Remember my friends to stay cool and keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now and till next time.


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