Fairy Tail Chapter 543

Reading this brand new chapter made me feel a lot of emotions. It took me down memory lane when this series first began. 

On that small port called Hargeon an adventure of a life time began. A girl who had escaped from her home and out of the grasps of her father. Met a boy by fate and a talking blue cat, and that boy made her dreams come true. She then went on to go on many journeys with all the people she had met. Ones that she was happy and proud to call friends. 

Her name was Lucy and the boy’s name was Natsu. Just seeing these together I started shipping them together from the very beginning. I am feeling the nostalgia as I read the new chapter. While this story is coming to a close, I know that this one has forever changed my life. 

Yes I am very sad that it is ending, but just being able to go on this journey was worth all the time I put into it. Hiro you have created a master piece and I will be sure to pass it down to my kids. Well I am going to leave it here before I start crying. Stay cool my friends and keep reading manga and watching anime. Au revoir for now till next time


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Chapter 543

  1. Yeah loved the knock back as to how they met. So much feels. And sad that after a decade, the series is coming to a close. Yeah I’m a late bloomer to the series, but instantly feel in love with the series (anime) after watching it. I do feel that this arc in the manga had a lot of issues, but I hope the remaining chapters, Mashima does it justice. At the same time, whatever manga he works on. It’ll be compared to fairy tail despite the fact that rave master laid the ground work for it. Good post!! :D.

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    1. Ik I felt the feels and I think Hiro did the last chapters well. I’m still trying to process things over on my end. I have to agree with you and in some way Fairy Tail will find it’s way into Hiro’s new work. Heck there could even be a sequel for all I know. As you said Rave Master laid the work for Fairy Tail and now Fairy Tail is going to be apart of something bigger, well maybe. Thank you for sharing and thank you I try ^^; sorry for the late reply

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