Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions (Review)

So. when I caught wind of a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie I was really excited because let’s be honest it has been years since they released the very first movie in this series and the series itself. Yes, I did watch the original movie and TV series when it came out. I also still own the DVD and the original soundtrack for the movie. I couldn’t resist lol and at the time I was a huge fan that I most likely ate and breathed Yu-Gi-Oh!.

I also learned that it was playing at my local theater and by the time I found out it was too late and I was busy also. So, let us jump into this thing, and you might want to grab a soda and popcorn. Maybe even sit in that super comfortable chair you like so much and enjoy the show. Or at least enjoy this review anyways let’s get on with the show.

As I am watching this movie it’s really is taking me back to my childhood and when I used to watch episodes of this show on a Saturday morning. This was probably one of my favorite series and what I looked forward to watching on the weekend. Eating my wheaties or favorite cereal and watching this show with my older brother.

Wow I am getting to see the ending of the anime all over again, but ten times better as in this time and age graphics are way better. As always Joey is looking to save the day and start a fight with someone. I guess your childhood characters that you know and love never change that much.

I have watched the whole thing I got really involved from the get go and wanted to watch without interruptions. Right now, I actually want and feel like crying as this movie was a chance to say good-bye to the character I learned to love as a child. Ones that I grew up with and played the game because I wanted to be cool. Yet that was a time when it was weird and not cool for a girl to play card games or video games.

I can still remember boys playing this game on the playground when I was little and how my brother got this Yu-Gi-Oh! Card and then gave it to me. Or all the times I went to the doctors to get my shot updates my parents would buy me Yu-Gi-Oh! or sometimes Pokémon cards. This movie was sort of like a love letter to us fan for all the years that we sunk into this series, and how much they appreciate it and love us for it.

In this movie, we get to see Kaiba’s story come to end as his final goal was to defeat the Pharaoh and he got his wish. We also get to see Yugi’s story also come to end and we get to see all the characters graduate and go their separate ways. We get to see all the characters go and chase their dreams and hopefully one day reunite to play Yugi’s new game he creates.

Also, I would like to believe that they gave us this movie so then people like me who grew up with this series, they can say good-bye properly. As Yugi said in the movie it ended way too fast for him and he couldn’t say good-bye. I think he was speaking on behalf of the fans so then we had a chance to do it right.

It really felt nostalgic to hear the original cast that did the original series when it all began for us all. Not to mention that I appreciated the better graphics this time around. Yes, I still very much like older anime but it’s nice to watch a newer anime every so often.

This anime and movies will always have a soft spot in my heart and every so often I will go back and watch the series and movies again. Letting go of a character or series that you have watched for so long is not the easiest thing in the world.

Alright I am going to end things here before the water works start pouring down my face. Stay cool my friends and keep watching anime and reading manga and au revoir until next time. Also I am sorry that this is long and thank you for taking the time to read this.


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