The King’s Avatar (Review #9)

So, in the last episode Bun entered the picture and it made me curious as to where this was going to go. Alright so let’s get into today episode and review. Xiu is talking about how he has really aged. So, Lord Grim is helping this guild out with defeating bosses and beating records. What is he up to? Now there is the person who is asking who the heck is this Full Moon Guild.

Pretty much they are asking the same questions as I am. As they to want to figure out what Lord Grim (aka Xiu) is up to and what he is doing. This one guy offered him 5 Red Moon Sets and he turned them down. As he told that person he had a deal with another guild that he needed to do. So, they all have decided to do nothing so they can see what he’s up to.

Now someone offered Lord Grim 8 sets of Red Moon and said that was a blood spilling price and was he happy. Hmm interesting. Now everyone that is talking in that chat wants to gang up on him and asked where Excellent Dynasty is as they must still be angry at him. Xiu is talking to one of the guys that was in the chat earlier. Now we are seeing the Heavenly Domain this is getting interesting I wonder what will happen here.

Seems like Lord Grim may have some players following him. They have a group targetting them and attacking them as of this moment. Xiu said there fighting style is familiar but he doesn’t recognize the group. Things are getting very interesting. Anyways that is all for this episode and review. Be sure to come back for the next episode and review. So, my friends stay cool and keep the peace, don’t forget to watch more anime and read manga. Au revoir for now, till next time.


The King’s Avatar (Review #8)

In the last episode Xiu was marked as being the ultimate boss and needed to be defeated. Now here we are on episode 8. Let us begin. It looks as if a lot of people are battling Xiu and days are going by. They are all battling in a betting ring. If they lose Tiny Herb will have to fork over some items to xiu.

So what will they do? Wow they have some wicked speed and APM. So the battle was a draw but if it had continued then who would have won? I really like this anime it’s rather a stunning and beautiful anime lol. Anways let’s get back to watching this anime. So, Wang Jiexi sacrifices his skills and everything for his team as his playing style is to weird and they can’t keep up with him.

Rou who is on Xiu’s side was offered to join Tiny Herb by Wang Jiexi but she declined his offer. She then asks Xiu a question about it and if it was fun or not. He then tells her that she is suited to being a professional player, and also asks if she likes challenges. Well it looks like something is about to go down, hmm this is interesting.

I wonder who this new character is and what is he going to do? Apparently this guy is looking for Lord Grim which is Xiu’s game handle this is interesting. So, his name is Disciple Bao (Bun) Rongxing that’s a very interesting name. Things just got very interesting and curious to see where this all goes.

Well that is all for this episode and review so be sure to come back for the next one. So, stay cool my friends and keep the peace and remember to keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now, till next time.


Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Review #4) (Final)

Kenshin’s chief has just marked Tomoe as the traitor but it was him that was the traitor not her. Now his old wound on his face has opened again and is bleeding once more. I wonder what will be the outcome and how things will end? Kenshin is broken and is still fighting off ninja that were ordered and sent to kill him. Before everything that happened Kenshin asked Tomoe to marry him for real and to stay with him.

Now he is heavily wounded and fighting the man that is a shogunate and who sent people to kill him. The shogunate is going to make him pay for the crimes he committed against them and put his body in the street as a warning. He is also hoping that it will kill and end the rebellion if he does this. Kenshin has defeated the guy who wants him dead, but in doing so Tomoe jumped in front of them both.

Then Kenshin realizes that he has killed her and his love and now he has lost everything that he held dear to him. In his heart, he feels this pain now he wishes to find a way to atone for the things he has done. Kenshin also feels awful because he made Tomoe live a nightmare because he killed her love and now he feels the same as she did. He will atone for the things he has done so he can honor her memory.

He stays with her for a little longer and talking about how sorry he was and how much he loved her. Kenshin then leaves and we see that he burns down the house he was living in with Tomoe. Later he goes to the place of where the three women who protected him are buried, and then he makes a grave marker for Tomoe and then wraps her scarf around it.

Kenshin then goes on to end the war and then that’s when the Meji era goes into effect, and then puts his killing sword down and then picks up the reserve blade sword. The rest is explained and continued in the anime. Which I highly recommend watching the anime as it’s really good or you can read the manga. Alright my friends stay cool and keep reading manga and watching anime and thank you for taking the time to read these reviews. Au revoir for now, till next time

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Review #3)

Kenshin and Tomoe are now living at the safe house that was set up for them to live in as a married couple. Now they are living peaceful lives but Kenshin still gets flashbacks of all the people he’s killed. Watching this makes me wish it was Kaoru and not Tomoe but I did get some spoilers on the manga and what happens. So, now I want to read the manga just so I can see that part lol anyways back to the show we go.

It seems Kenshin is starting to enjoy his life with Tomoe and his Chief believes him to be weakening. Well looks like there is trouble on the way for Kenshin and Tomoe and she also asked him why he doesn’t ask anything personal to her. Tomoe’s little brother shows up and tells her of what is going to happen to Kenshin. She then realizes that heart has changed like the seasons and that she has fallen for Kenshin.

She no longer hates him for what he did to her fiancé but loves him instead. Now they are really acting like a married couple. It’s so amazing and very adorable to see how both of them have changed so much, just being in each other’s company. Aww I am going to cry TT^TT, Tomoe realizes that Kenshin is the one who has taught her how to love again. Even before when she had hated him but now things are different.

Now Tomoe is trying to make things right as of this moment because as she said she truly loves Kenshin. Well that can’t be good and now Kenshin’s chief has told him that Tomoe is the traitor, but rather it was him. Alright my friends stay cool and keep watching anime and reading manga, and be sure to come back for the final review for this show. Au revoir for now, till next time.

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Review #2)

A little recap from last time Kenshin has killed an assassin that was after him and then a woman saw him kill this man. She then told him that he caused the rain to bleed and then fainted because she was drunk. Kenshin then believes that they have a traitor in their midst as he was attacked by the Shinsegumi.

Later she tells Kenshin her name which is Tomoe. Now a battle rages in Kyoto and the leader who guides Kenshin has lost almost everything. His leader tells him that he must get out of Kyoto and escape to a safe house his leader set up for him. Kenshin then marries Tomoe for appearance because they will be looking for an assassin but not a married man.

So, then they both flea Kyoto as Kenshin’s leader had suggested they do. I must admit that this OVA is a little different from the anime, but I still like it so I am going to keep watching. Well that is brief summary of this episode and so be sure to come back for the next review of this series. Until then stay cool my friends and keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now, till next time keep the peace.

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (Review #1)

Okay so this is an OVA of Rurouni Kenshin that obviously didn’t make it into the regular anime as the anime was cancelled after 3 seasons. There is four episodes in this OVA so this will only take a few days for me to finish. From what I read this tells more of Kenshin’s story and his past and why he quits killing people. Without ado, here is a new anime review from yours truly.

In the beginning of the episode we see Kenshin’s Master the one who taught him the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū Style (well something like that). He also has a cup of sake and he looks as if he is reminiscing about the past and remembering what happened. We see Kenshin’s Master save him from the bandits and murderers who killed the people that were watching out for them. Before one of the girls was killed she told him to live on and live for her. She was then killed but she kept repeating and saying those words and then she passed.

Seijûrô Hiko is the one who then becomes his Master and teaches him the sword style the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. Hiko then takes him as a pupil and changes his name to Kenshin as Shinta is too soft for swordsman’s name.  This anime is rather beautiful for its age considering it was released in the early 2000’s.

Kenshin then meets an assassin that was sent to kill him and then meets a woman who tells him that he caused the rain to bleed. That is the end of this episode so be sure to comeback for the next one. So, my friends keep reading manga and watching anime and remember to stay cool. Au revoir for now, till next time.

The King’s Avatar (Review #7)

Hello my dear friends and followers, here is another review of The King’s Avatar. Things have been a little chaotic and hectic over here. Not to mention had some recent personal and family problems. Also I am transferring schools so more paperwork and crap to get ready for that.

Now I am here to complete this series over the next few days and finish some other things up and I don’t know if I will continue Bleach Wednesday’s or Fairy Tail Friday’s. What do you think I’d like to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Without ado here is the 7th episode of The King’s Avatar, sit back and relax. Enjoy.

A little recap from last time so Xiu was betrayed by his former teammate which he had already seen through the guy, and knew what he was up to. As to what will happen in this episode I am not sure. Guess we’ll have to find out.

Now the guy who used to work under Xiu is trying to figure out how they got 26 seconds faster and beat his teams record. Things are getting interesting. Now someone is playing as Plantago Seed (i think they have weird usernames lol) and is fighting Xiu. They are both showing some crazy skills and APM and I am rather liking this scene atm lol.

Well the fight is over and the winner is Xiu of course because he has some very mad skills. So, we have the name of the guy and it’s Wang Jiexi and he is known as The Magician in the game. A title which is usually given to the player and also he is the leader of The Tiny Herb Guild if I remember right. Basically his style is ever changing and can be very unpredictable.

Now the captain of that team has sent some of team members to kill Xiu character, but will they succeed? Also is this a way for a captain to watch Xiu fight and figure out who he is? Well Xiu has been given the title The Greatest Boss in Glory and the Team Captain, Wang Jiexi believe with 80% that Lord Grim (Xiu) is Ye Qiu. I wonder how this will play out in the episodes to come. This is getting very interesting again. What will Xiu do about his situation?

Well my friends stay cool and remember to keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now, till next time and please keep the peace.