My Tokyo Ghoul Theory

As I am sitting here I started thinking about Tokyo Ghoul. Now I have a theory that will blow your minds.

So in the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul we hear stories of a one eyed ghoul who fought the CCG and then Ghouls went into hiding underground. What if Ishida was giving hints of what was to come. Then Arima figured it out and tried to stop these events or history from being put into motion or repeated.

So, he stopped Kaneki and then replaced his memories and to forget who he really was. Arima should know that he can not stop Kaneki lol. Then there is a Uta, what if he is the mastermind behind this whole thing? He could have set things in motion as he knew Riza was in town, because of all the bodies showing up.

Then caused the accident that supposedly killed him, but then had the doctor who operated on Kaneki to give him one of Riza’s organs. Therefore making him into a Ghoul and no one could stop it, because Kaneki’s mother died and was not on talking terms with his other family.

Thus starting a new legend or the same legend of a One Eyed Ghoul. I don’t know maybe this theory is a little off the reservation. I just feel like Tokyo Ghoul RE is the past/future. While Tokyo Ghoul is like present/past before things got even worse. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and give me your opinion on this. Anyways as always stay cool my friends and keep reading manga and watching anime. Au revoir for now, till next time.

Castlevania (Review #1)

This anime inspried cartoon is a Netflix original I believe. A woman seeks secret knowledge from none other than Dracula himself. The animation and art is just beautiful I guess I am really falling in love with this anime inspired cartoon.

A small warning do not watch this if you are eating anything or else you will lose your lunch and appetite unless you have a really strong stomach. So, Dracula has gone off the deep end as the people killed his wife. He gave them one year before he’d unleash his army on the place where his wife was killed.  Now as they were celebrating his wife’s death.

He came and spoke to them and then unleashed his army on the people and now there are entrails and body parts everywhere. So, this show is not to be for kids under the age of 18. Honestly I would rather watch Tokyo Ghoul a billion times than this.

You are free to check it out if it’s something you like and it can be found on Netflix. As you can tell it has vampire and other supernatural creatures in it. Then you have a hunter that is trying to stop Dracula. What killed it for me was just how graphic and gory it is. Anyways go and check it out if you are interested. As always stay cool my friends and keep watching anime and reading manga. Au revoir for now, till next time.

One of My Favorite Series Has Ended. 

Well guys the last chapter of Fairy Tail was released and I read it the day it came out (translated of course). I’m still trying to process all that happend at the end. In some ways I think Nalu (Natsu×Lucy) was confirmed as Natsu said to Lucy that they will be together forever and then leave for a 100 year quest. Gajeel and Levy were confirmed as a couple. I think Hiro planned the ending the way he did so maybe in the future he or someone else can create a sequel.

But hey that’s just my opinion, and I know this arc had a lot of problems but I still liked it. Also Gray and Juvia might have something going on maybe and hopefully. I know there are a lot of people who were mad that Hiro brought back Makarov. In a writer’s point of view I can see why he brought that character back.

So, Fairy Tail all started with Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Makarov etc and eventually over time it gained new members (such as Gajeel and Juvia and many others). Basically Makarov is like the Father to all the original members including Lucy. During the time her father was paying Phantom Lord in trying to get her home. When she found her strenght in her guild and friends who became her family.

I know others will disagree with this theory I have, but if you look at it from my angle it makes sense. Then again some people say that Hiro likes to troll us and mess with his fans. Everyone is always going to have something negative towards a series or anything in general. In my complete and honest opinion I rather like FT even with it’s problems and flaws.

In a weird way I can compare the story line to the guild and all the characters in this manga. If you think about it not one character doesn’t have a problem and or a flaw in them. Basically the story line is much like it’s characters that make up the story line, of course there is going to be problems with it. It’s Fairy Tail for goodness sake!

I loved reading and watching this series I am very sad that it has ended, but I am looking forward to what comes next from Hiro. I am sure it will be just as good as FT if not better and there will be references from FT. So, be looking for those cause I am sure they will be in there at one point or another.

Thank you, Hiro. For making FT and I will admit in my eyes it is a masterpiece and I hope to share it with my kids someday. It all began on a single port called Hargeon where a girl met a guy and then she gained a family in the Fairy Tail Guild. Even with all the laughters and tears that were shed, they still ended up all together again. Now with a new quest on the horizon their journey still continues.

Well guys, what did you think? How do you feel about the ending of FT? Anyways until next time keep reading manga and watching anime. Au revoir for now and stay cool my friends, till next time.