My Tokyo Ghoul Theory

As I am sitting here I started thinking about Tokyo Ghoul. Now I have a theory that will blow your minds.

So in the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul we hear stories of a one eyed ghoul who fought the CCG and then Ghouls went into hiding underground. What if Ishida was giving hints of what was to come. Then Arima figured it out and tried to stop these events or history from being put into motion or repeated.

So, he stopped Kaneki and then replaced his memories and to forget who he really was. Arima should know that he can not stop Kaneki lol. Then there is a Uta, what if he is the mastermind behind this whole thing? He could have set things in motion as he knew Riza was in town, because of all the bodies showing up.

Then caused the accident that supposedly killed him, but then had the doctor who operated on Kaneki to give him one of Riza’s organs. Therefore making him into a Ghoul and no one could stop it, because Kaneki’s mother died and was not on talking terms with his other family.

Thus starting a new legend or the same legend of a One Eyed Ghoul. I don’t know maybe this theory is a little off the reservation. I just feel like Tokyo Ghoul RE is the past/future. While Tokyo Ghoul is like present/past before things got even worse. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and give me your opinion on this. Anyways as always stay cool my friends and keep reading manga and watching anime. Au revoir for now, till next time.


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