Ah good ole Bleach. This anime is a bit old and if I remember correctly. The manga started in like 1992 now I may be wrong. I will look into it and if I am wrong I’ll update this page. So I started watching this anime my freshman year of high school. My friend got me into it and then I got sucked in. This anime was released about 2000 something. I’ll look it up. Anyways the anime ended sometime around my junior year or almost before I was a senior in high school. I’m still looking for new eps :roll:. The manga is still ongoing I think. I’ll have to look into that also lol. I haven’t read the manga in quite some time. Last thing I heard that it was close to ending. Back to talking about the anime. It was really good. Of course it was my first adult anime. My first two were Yu-Gi-Oh and One Piece but that’s for another post. His name is Ichigo Kurosaki and he is a high school student. He then meets Ruki Kuchiki (I’m bad at spelling her last name). She tells him about Hollows and is curious to how he can see her. Later a Hollow attacks and tries to eat his sister. He tries to save her but he only wounds Ruki. Who is a Soul Reaper and she fights Hollows. She then gives her powers to him not knowing if will kill him or not. He ends up taking all her powers when she only meant to give him half. He then saves his sister. End of story? No far from it. If you want to know more then watch the anime. Also this anime used to be a part of The Big Three. This anime and also Naruto and One Piece used to be really hot. So a lot of people called them the Big Three. But the Naruto manga ended but there is a spin-off. One Piece is still going I think. Bleach might have ended I’m not sure I’ll look into it. Anyways until my next post keep watching anime and stay cool.