Twin Star Exorcists (Review #2)

I’m totally dying here. Our two main characters are to get married and have a child. This is to hilarious well his reaction was anyways. I wonder how things will turn out. Hmmm I’m very curious I want to see where this goes. This anime is looking very promising. Will they unite and get married or will things take a different turn?

Okay so I didn’t finish talking about this episode, because I got to involved in this anime. I will say that I am really loving it so far. Well be on the lookout for the next review on this anime and I know that this short, but I am saving some of my other thoughts for the next review. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


8 thoughts on “Twin Star Exorcists (Review #2)

      1. Yeah it’s completely spoiled in Root A.. The anime has a lot of fillers in Twin star exorcist but it doesn’t deviate that much from manga, I guess?

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      2. I completely agree. I know everyone doesn’t have the time to read the manga but those who do were disappointed with Root A. The reason for the filler in this series is because the manga isn’t that very far along. There have been a few things I’ve noticed, but just like movies that are based off books. You can’t put every single detail in it because it would make it hours long. Same type of rule for anime on some occasions. But I am very much looking forward to finishing this anime/manga. I really want to see how it ends lol

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      3. Same here.. Though I am not sure if I want to see end sooner… I want to look at how it goes even more and maybe leave a lasting impression on me…

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      4. Exactly but I have been reading some comments and some people are saying the anime sucks. I don’t agree with them because I think it’s pretty awesome and the only reason there is a filler arc is because the manga only has so many volumes out. The studio who is doing this anime is called Pierrot not Peridot lol so this is my correction now XD. When a studio does adapt a manga into an anime there is only so much they have to work with especially if it’s still coming out.

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