Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Review #1)

First impression on going into this anime. This anime is fairly new and one that I have yet to see. I am going to be honest here. It reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club. Not going to lie, but I will give it a try. Besides it looks good and I am hoping it will be. So this is the plot for this anime. Kae Serinuma is a second year high schooler and an avid fujoshi who secretly ships her classmates, Igarashi-kun and Nanashima-kun. The death of her favorite anime character causes her to become stressed—and loses weight rapidly. Now that Serinuma has become an attractive girl to her classmates, her snarky kouhai Shinomiya-kun, and her senpai Mutsumi, how is she going to deal with them …with her constant BL-filled, fujoshi mind?!

This has Ouran written all over it. Well I am still going to give it a try. Here goes nothing. Okay I am laughing my butt off. There is nothing more than a man will love if you’re an otaku. If the guy is really in love than he will do anything for you, and even if it’s the love of anime and everything else that falls into that category. I am going to watch the second episode, but that will be continued in the next blog. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Anime Review)

Second season to Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. So a lot of interesting things happened in this season. We finally get to see Sinbad’s country and not to mention his kingdom. Also we get to see some familiar faces again. That’s if you watched Magi: The Adventure of Sinbad before watching the first and second season. I know some of you are saying that’s not how you are supposed to do things.

If I had never done that then I wouldn’t know as much as I did before entering this anime. So Alibaba, Aladdin and Morg all come back for a second season. We also get to meet some new characters and then we also get one more Metal Vessel user in this world. We also get to meet two Magi’s. Yunan and one from Leim (it might be called Reim I don’t really remember lol sorry) and we learn more about them.

Also Aladdin inherits Solomon’s Wisdom. Some huge things were revealed in this anime. Unfortunately it bothers me on where the anime ended so now I have to read the manga. I don’t have a lot of words for this review, because I am reading the manga as of now. I am hoping they will come out with a third season, but that might not happen for at least a year or two maybe even three.

I have this feeling that there will be a third season. It’s just a sneaky suspicion, and I could be wrong. Who knows right? Well I give this anime a high recommendation, and that’s because it was good. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.

Ouran High School Host Club (Review)

This anime is old, but that’s makes it a classic. At least that’s what I think. I watched this anime around the time I watched Fruits Basket. I think after I finished that anime I watched this one. I rather enjoyed this anime and I am also fond of it. From what I read this anime was released 10 years ago. Wow! I didn’t know it was that was old. It would make sense, because it was released in 2006.

Fun fact for you all the subbed version of this anime the voice actors who do Tamaki-senpai and Haruhi are actually married. Now isn’t that cool? Now there have been rumors going around that there will be a second season. I highly doubt there will be a second season after 10 years have passed. There could be a potential reboot, but who knows if that will even happen or when it might.

Heck I have been waiting for a long time for someone to go back and redo Fruits Basket. Has it happened? No. I actually went and read the manga where the anime left off. Ouran High School Host Club doesn’t quite follow the manga, and so there is potential to do a reboot. Unfortunately I think the fandom for this anime/manga has died. If I am wrong then I will eat my own words.

This anime is such a classic and since it’s also old not a lot of people will ever watch it. Why? Well there are so many new and hot animes being released every season and year. I guess that’s why I like talking about some of the older animes. To try and get people aware that there are some old and really great animes that they are missing out on. Not to mention that some of this animes/manga helped make anime to what it is now.

Some of them even helped to make new genre that you see now. Same thing goes for Fullmetal Alchemist, and that is why so many fans demanded a reboot. The fans got exactly what they wanted. Let’s get back onto the topic here. I know eventually this anime will be put into the archives, and then all together it will disappear. It’s sad really. I’m sure that if you asked someone about this anime no one would know about it.

Alright now a little info about this anime. It follows a young Haruhi who happened to lost her mom and on top of that she is poor. So in other words she is a commoner. One day a young boy in her neighborhood got gum in her hair. She then cut her hair and now she looks like a boy and then she ends up attending Ouran High School. Which is a school for the wealthy and privileged people. She meets our other characters when she is trying to find a quite place to study.

Enter Tamaki the King of Ouran High School Host Club and it’s other members, because Haruhi is so scared she ends up knocking over a vase. Which was worth a lot of money. She is then forced to work for the Host Club to pay her debt off. It goes on to explain what types there are in the Host Club. Not knowing that she is a girl that make her into a Host as well. Eventually all the members find out that she is a girl.

Then all members do everything to keep her secret. Did I mention that Haruhi’s dad is a cross dresser? That was something to see let me tell you. In the end everyone lives happily ever after. The end. I give this anime a high recommendation, because it’s that good and it will make you laugh your butt off. You can find it probably just about anywhere, because it’s 10 years old. I know that it was on Netflix and I don’t know if they have taken it off yet or not. Anyways until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.















Eureka Seven Ao (Review)

This one isn’t to old at least not yet. I watched this, because you know me I love Mecha anime. This is a continuation of Eureka Seven another reason I watched this anime. Although it makes me to wonder if it will get another season, but then again it might not. Maybe with another name, but who knows. Now as I have heard it this season wasn’t really planned.

I guess the fans or someone I don’t know really, but they didn’t like how it ended. So that is how this anime came to be, but it was never really apart of the original story. How Eureka Seven ended was how it really ended, but someone didn’t like it. So onto some plot details and goodies. Are you ready? Okay so our main character his name is Ao. Go figure huh? So his mom I’m sure that you can guess who his mom is.

Anyways she takes the Nirvash to go and stop an enemy. She then disappears when Ao is a little boy and is never seen again. When enemies come to the island to destroy it. Ao discovers the Nirvash and uses it, but when he does his hair color changes. Then he becomes the target of the village everyone wants to capture him. He then goes to Generation Blue.

Which is a huge organization that deals with enemies like the ones that attacked his home island. In the end Ao ends up seeing his mother again and he also meets his father. I wonder who that could be? Ao ends up saving the world and his parents. Alright this review is done and over and this anime gets a high recommendation from me. There you have it. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.

Mobile Suit Gundam OO (Review)

So you all should know by now that I am a sucker when it comes to mecha anime and Bleach. Oh and I can’t forget the animes from my childhood either. Although they might be considered as cartoons? Hmm I don’t know lol. Call them whatever you want, but the fact remains I watched them when I was little. Anyways let’s get to this review. This anime aired in 2007 and went till 2008. It also got a second season and it’s just as good. As I always say that’s for another time and blog post.

So in this story we follow a young, Setsuna F. Seiei and a group called Celestial Being. Him and Celestial Being have come into play, because they are to eradicate war. Now I don’t want to reveal to much, but one of our main characters does die. I won’t spill the beans on which character dies though. I really enjoyed this anime. It was definitely different from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and it’s sequel Destiny. Okay so I know there is a new Mobile Suit Gundam anime out.

As I can see it’s very hot at the moment and I have watched an ep or two, but haven’t really gotten the time to sit down and watch it. I will watch it eventually and make a review on it, but as I always say that’s for another time. As what I saw in the first ep it looks really promising. Back to this review. So if you have seen the new Gundam anime. Well that’s what this one is like, but a little different and older lol. I am starting to notice that all the animes in this series are unique.

One other thing that all these animes in this series always have the same common denominator. What is you ask? Well it’s simple. They always involve Gundam mobile suits in some way or form. That’s a given especially since it’s in the title, but all the Gundams are unique. At least in some ways and also I feel as Cross Ange (another anime that was done by Sunrise also) is somewhat apart of this series. Why? Well the mailriders when they transform they look like Gundams.

So if you haven’t seen this anime it’s hard to explain what I am meaning. Also the characters are unique just as much as the anime is and they all have really cool, and sometimes sad backstories. There’s nothing I like more than a good backstory. Why? It adds to the plot and makes it more better. When you have characters that don’t have a good backstory to fit the plot. Well then the plot and story aren’t going to be very good and the characters won’t be good either. That’s just my opinion though.

Anyways this review is done and over and with that I give this anime a high recommendation. Especially if you are looking for a mecha anime to watch or just something new to watch. Give this a try and I hope you like it and enjoy it as well. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.





Twin Star Exorcists (Review #4)

Wait? There is no #3? At least that is what I am guessing you are all thinking. There is a #3, but it’s just playing hide and seek. Or is it invisible to the naked eye? I admit I breezed through this anime, but it was so good. It’s been a long time since I have gotten this excited from an anime. Funny thing is that there were some Kon moments. If you don’t know who Kon is he’s from Bleach.

He’s one of my favorite characters, because he always makes things interesting. Also he manages to make you laugh, because he is always fighting with Ichigo. So what I’m getting at is that there is a character similar to Kon in this anime. That is a good thing, because you need some humor and comedy every once in awhile. Things can’t always be serious. Well in some anime they can be, but not this one. I am curious to see how this anime ends.

Well had a little issue from the site I was watching it on, but now I got that fixed so I am going to get back to this anime. Omg this is so amazing and I am really excited lol. Oh crap. Crap has hit the fan, guys. I hate the main characters brother. He’s a sadistic b@#$*%@. Normally I don’t hate on anyone, but I want this guy dead. Especially what he is doing right now to his sister and our hero.

It makes me angry to see what he is doing right now. I hope our main characters get stronger and beat the living crap out of him. Aww this is so adorable and our main character the girl is remembering all her memories with our hero. It seems like she has really fallen for him. Well that was what was supposed to happen in the beginning seeing them both grow. It’s so amazing and now I want to cry, because it’s so beautiful.

Omg omg this is so beautiful and amazing. I am literally going to cry and then jump in the air with excitement lol. I am so glad that I decided to watch this anime. *cries* *then jumps in air with excitement*. Our heroes are presented with the options of being: Getting married and have a child and or get stronger than the 12 Guardian’s. Never a dull a moment in this anime I swear. I am dying lol I’m sorry, but this is hilarious and just golden lol.

What will happen in two years? I wonder. It makes me think that this anime will continue or there will be a second season. Omg and I’m sorry I keep saying this, but this anime is just to adorable. Well things are getting quite interesting to say the least. I wonder who is Sae-chan is exactly? Why did she appear all of a sudden? Is she somehow like Roku? Hmmm hopefully we will get answers soon.

Whoa. Talk about hardcore metal. Now I am really starting to like this anime. If you want to know I love my alternative music. So this really appeals to me. It doesn’t surprise me that a demon would be singing heavy metal lol. That was a very interesting scene. I don’t even know what to say to that lol. I’m speechless.

Hmmm things are getting really interesting. Our heroes and Sae meet a Kerage and his name is Leo. If that doesn’t sound obvious to what the Kerage looks like. Well he looks like a lion as that’s what his name. It seems like Kerage have dreams just like people do. That’s a very new and interesting development in the anime. Wonder what our heroes will do? What will happen next?

The Twin Stars meet a pair of Basara Twins. What will be their fate? Also I wonder who will win this fight? Well now I have to wait for the next episode to come out. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.







Happy Holidays 

Want to wish all of you guys a happy and safe holidays. Don’t get to stuffed up on those special holiday desserts or dinners to where you stomach is so full it hurts. So don’t forget to stuff for your faces but not to much. Ik I just contradicted myself. Anyways happy holidays and stay safe. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool and safe guys and girls