Images from Old Posts

Okay, so some may have noticed that the images from my old posts are pulling a disappearance act. I am here to tell you that they are not pulling a vanishing act. See I have limited space, because I use the free version of WordPress. If I had the money I would pay for it, but I am a college student and well I am broke 90% of the time (pssst I am joking lol I have money but not enough to pay for a monthly plan so I’m not broke.). So I have been deleting some of the pictures from older posts as I don’t need them anymore. If I do need them then I can just upload them again as they are still on my computer.

So do not worry my friends, those old posts aren’t getting deleted just the images. You will still have access to them just there will be no images as they have been deleted. I just wanted to update you all on this.  Thanks for reading and following this blog. Until next time keep reading manga and watching anime. Remember to stay cool my friends, and au revoir for now.


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